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San Diego County . California

30+ Years Experience

Court Filing & Personal Service package $20 Discount  /  Military $10 Discount


Personal Service of legal documents including Civil, Family Law, Summons, Complaints, Subpoenas, Unlawful Detainers, Restraining Orders, Small Claims & more.  Always a FREE Filed Proof of Service!

(San Diego County Courts)

We Serve Residences, Businesses, Jails, Prisons & Military Bases in San Diego County

Process Server  $70 and up!

Courier . Court Messenger  $30 and up!

3 Easy Steps

1. Send your Request Form and documents to blatchleyattorneyservices@gmail.com

2. We send you an Invoice with a link to pay.

3. We serve your documents, and send you a Free Filed Proof of Service. (San Diego County Courts)

(If Court Filing or Document recording, we file or record your documents and return filed copies to you)




Licensed, Registered & Bonded in San Diego County


Low Flat Rates with no hidden fees

BLATCHLEY Attorney Services

is a Family Owned Business!

Whether you are an Attorney or In Pro Per (Self Represented), 

if you are using any other Attorney Service in San Diego you are paying too much!

We are No. 1 in offering low cost professional Legal Services to San Diego County

Let us file, serve, deliver and record your documents. We offer stake outs too!

*The Court does not serve your documents*

We can serve them for you.

You are always provided with a free Proof Of Service.

    (Filed with the Court if San Diego County Court)

We Serve 7 Days per week

Service of Process Pros


           We are not Attorneys.

 We are an Attorney Support Service.

       We do not give legal advice.

We cannot guarantee service. Due Dilgence is Guaranteed.


Thank you for your business!

We always appreciate reviews on google, yelp & facebook

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BLATCHLEY Attorney Services reserves the right to change any and all information, services offered and/or rates without notice.

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